*What was Jesus’ central message and why was it so offending to official Judaism and to the occupying Roman & Herodian rulers?

*In what ways was Jesus’ threatening the prevailing imitatio dei as God is Holy and the very hierarchical ‘Purity’ System’ of his day?

*In what ways is Jesus’ attack on the Purity System in his time relevant to what is happening in our time: in the U.S. and globally?


Chapter 3:‘Jesus, Compassion and Politics”


Jesus’ ‘worldview’

Luke 6:36


Matthew 5:48

Jesus’ attack on Purity as the purpose

Luke 11: 42-44


Mark 7:15

Jesus’ critique of  inside vs outside

Matthew 23:25-26

Luke 11:39-41

Matthew 5:8

The Good Samaritan

Luke 10:29-37

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